Mayfair Memorial Playground is located on Abraham Lincoln High School property. The old playground was torn out in 2008 without any notice and with no plans to rebuild according to the Philadelphia School District. A small, fiercely committed core of neighborhood activists rose up from the ruins of the playground and turned to the Mayfair Civic Association for guidance. In 2009, the committee “Mayfair Memorial Playground Friends” was created to rebuild Mayfair Memorial Playground with three local moms at the helm.

With no funding available to rebuild, fundraising started throughout the community, which in turned jump-started the civic association. In the summer of 2011, after years of hoping for a miracle we learned that GIANT Food on Grant Avenue was going to donate $80,000 for our play equipment. Mayfair Memorial Playground and GIANT Food worked along with KaBoom!, a nonprofit playground organization, to see our dreams come true.

Phase 1: Build Day

On October 27, 2011 we gathered with over 200 volunteers for our Build Day! Our volunteers took off from work and personal obligations to help us build. We had parents, grandparents, college students, union teamsters, carpenters, electricians, and so on. We cooked on seven big grills, drilled holes in concrete, rebuilt flower beds and put down 1,000 pounds of mulch.

Phase 2: Build Day

In September 2013, we continued our rebuild with Phase 2, installing ENERGI exercise equipment to fill open space that had no intentions of ever having any play equipment in its space. We were awarded a grant through KaBoom! with Snapple as our sponsor. Once again we had volunteers spend three days drilling, assembling, and cementing the equipment in its place. The ENERGI equipment can be used by children and adults to promote healthy lifestyles. Northeast Fence installed our new 7 foot fencing around the perimeter of the playground and Gallagher Paving asphalted the playground after the phase 1 and 2 builds. Again, this was only possible because of donations and fundraisers we have held over the years.

Phase 3: Our Final Stage of Rebuilding

Aztec Signs installed our two new playground signs bearing our name and logo. The new Badge of Honor was installed on the backside of the front side displaying the names of the fallen heroes that have been honoring at the annual Fallen Heroes Run each year. A replenishment of mulch was delivered and spreader by volunteers around and under the play equipment. The playground officially became a non-profit and tax-exempt organization.

Phase 4: Summer 2017 Updates

The Summer of 2017 the Mayfair Memorial Playground Friends committee completed the rebuild of Mayfair Memorial Playground. Enough money was finally raised to purchase and install a Teeter Tunnel, Climbing Web, Cozy Cocoon, Swing Along Swing and more mulch to cover the new play area. All of the equipment installed is handicapped accessible and designed for children with autism so all children can play safely together. The mulch was spreader by community volunteers and off duty off-duty officers of the 15th police district.

Join our Fight to Continue to Rebuild Mayfair Memorial Playground

We are currently accepting donations to help rebuild, please visit our donation page to give.